Increase Your Twitter Followers pt 3. – Pay attention to what’s happening on Twitter

/Increase Your Twitter Followers pt 3. – Pay attention to what’s happening on Twitter

Increase Your Twitter Followers pt 3. – Pay attention to what’s happening on Twitter

Being active on Twitter isn’t just about posting. It’s also about staying in the loop with what’s happening in the world and online. Most users on Twitter are in exploration mode — they’re looking for current events and pop culture, and they’re browsing the content that’s being curated and shared by the people they choose to follow. In the Twitter world, #hashtags are used to link Tweets about the same topic together. Hashtags pop up everyday based around internet memes, responses to current events, hashtagfriendly events — you name it. If you aren’t actively paying attention to Twitter, hashtag trends are easy to miss. But when you do take the time to stay plugged into Twitter, you can build a following easily by participating in these Twitter events.

Try to use Twitter the way individual people use Twitter. Don’t just blast out your content to all your followers. Ask questions, engage with your followers, and participate in conversations happening on the platform.

In August 2016, songwriter Marian Call posted a simple question asking people what their first seven jobs were and used the hashtag #firstsevenjobs.

Pretty soon, the hashtag went viral, and everyone — including big-name celebrities — were responding. This is a great example of a short-lived, lighthearted hashtag that you can participate in and it’ll help build your following organically.

Hashtag trends come and go quickly, which means hopping onto the bandwagon in a timely manner is essential.

When you participate in hashtags or post funny, shareable Tweets (rather than just links to your content all the time), it makes people want to follow you. It’s not just that you’re offering them information, you’re also an engaging business that participates in the entertainment on Twitter.

If you use Twitter events to engage with your followers, you’ll increase your following organically.

Engaging with your followers is crucial — especially early on. Take the time to reply to any incoming tweets, even if it’s just a quick ‘thanks!’”

Staying in the loop on Twitter isn’t always easy because so much content is spread everyday. Luckily, Twitter has a helpful features you should try.

TWITTER MOMENTS is a useful tab on your Timeline that makes it easy to pay attention to what’s been circling on Twitter since you last logged in.

The stories that happen on Twitter don’t ever happen in a single tweet, so Moments captures the most important tweets and content to tell a story about what’s happening in the world and online. Paying attention to the rest of the world on Twitter is super important, but it’s also important to pay attention the users’ interactions with your business in particular. Luckily, Twitter has a new feature for SMBs to make this process easier.

Twitter Dashboard.


With TWITTER DASHBOARD, you can now set up custom feeds to pay attention to how your customers are interacting with your businesses. This is useful way to see when people are Tweeting at you, but Dashboard is more than just an engagement view. You can also schedule your Tweets and get Tweet ideas and inspiration from Dashboard’s built-in tips. Dashboard helps you get right to the Tweets that matter and engage more with your customers and community. Start by creating a custom feed to find out what’s being said about your business — not just the Tweets mentioning your account.

In closing, remember to Follow in order to BE followed, Use Awesome Images and also pay attention to what’s already happening on twitter in order to find out how to properly integrate your message into the mix. Be careful though as trying to hijack a hashtag by interjecting your brand or service that has no actual relevance to the topic can seriously backfire. Twitter is great for the right kind of business and the right kind of marketer but if you use it incorrectly or anger the hordes of the twittersphere, it can backfire with dire consequences. Therefore keep it natural!

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