Increase Your Twitter Followers Pt 2. – Use capitivating visual content

/Increase Your Twitter Followers Pt 2. – Use capitivating visual content
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Increase Your Twitter Followers Pt 2. – Use capitivating visual content

Curious about what to post on Twitter?

Find yourself stuck with deciding if you should use images and where to find them?

Well we are there to help with that.

Images display automatically in Tweets, which means you can use creative visuals to make your Tweets stand out among all the others in user’s feed. The more your Tweets stand out, the more attention your profile gets. If The Digital Hook doesn’t have pre-made images to work with,we will spend the time creating one. Can’t decide which photo to use? You can attach up to four photos to a single Tweet. Try incorporating an image into every Tweet you create if it’s relevant.

Examples of some of the imagery we use across social media platforms.

Images draw users’ attention, and visuals help people process information faster and better than just text alone.

Need help creating better visuals? Try Canva. Canva is a great tool built for marketers who want to create images for social media but who have limited design skills. Canva has premade templates, stock photos, shapes, graphics, etc. that you can use to make stunning visuals stand out on your audience’s twitter feeds.

Try using gifs, charts, or stock photos if it works well for your audience.

Use images that RESONATE WITH A USER EMOTIONALLY for the best chance of interaction.

Experiment with GIFs. These animated images can add a touch of personality to your Tweets, and also lead to higher Tweet engagement rates.

Use the GIF button in the Tweet compose screen or create your own.

Incorporate materials from other marketing – EMAIL GRAPHICS, PRESENTATIONS, FLYERS…etc. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel There are lots of FREE STOCK PHOTO SITES like,, and full of gorgeous pictures you can use in your Tweets. There’s no excuse for not using any images.

Set aside some time every week to DESIGN NEW IMAGES for Twitter. Take an hour at the end of the day to just play around in Canva or wordswag and come up with some new stuff.

Use images that are CLEAR, CONCISE, AND EASY TO DIGEST when quickly scrolling. It should be eye catching without having too much text.


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