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Project Description

Project Brief

Alternatex Solutions is one of our flagship website designs which features a little something from each and every one of our skill sets and offerings. From Social Media campaigns, targeted ads, email marketing, lead generation, website design and SEO. Their goal? To become a premier provider of solar and whole home energy efficiency for the residents and businesses of northern Texas.

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The Challenge

Solar is not something one purchases on a whim. Even though it makes perfect sense for a homeowner to adopt a residential solar solution in order to not only for the benefit of the planet as a whole but for their wallet as well! The Digital Hook was tasked to come in and design a website and marketing that drives homes the benefits of solar and energy efficiency as well as showing and explaining the benefits of the short-term as well as the long term benefits of solar. 

The Digital Hook knew nothing about solar before this project. So our client trusted us to learn the ins and outs of the industry, the market as well as the kind of people who purchase solar. 

The Solution

The Digital Hook has constructed targeted ad campaigns,  created a newsletter to keep Alternatex Solutions customers in formed as well as constructed targeted landing pages designed to generate leads. 

We are happy to say that we are currently designing our 2nd iteration of the Alternatex Solutions website that will easily be the pinnacle of our site builds and content creation. Our build has gone so well thus far, it has forced us to come back and make changes to our own site in order to make sure we are delivering the best of our knowledge and skills.

The best part of all that? It is forcing us to learn and to grow. To push our boundaries in order to continue to deliver top notch solutions.

Excellent Results

The newsletter campaign we designed for Alternatex Solutions has not only kept their current customer based informed through great tips and offers, but has helped bring in new leads and customers due to the SEO and social campaigns which run in tandem with the newsletter itself. 

Alternatex Solutions currently enjoys a higher than industry average email open and and click-through rating according to metrics via constant contact.