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Project Description

Project Brief

Cali Girl Cakes is one of our favorite projects and local accounts. Even if they are responsible for us needing to have extra gym time every week. But it’s worth it. OH it’s so worth it.

The Digital Hook was fortunate enough to be called in by the team over at Cali Girl when they decided they wanted to not only have a better web presence than they had before but more important they wanted to work with a local agency that didn’t treat their small business like a small business. It was their desire to have someone take the time to walk them through the process of online marketing as well as be there to handle the changes and other needs.

It’s been a pleasure to work with them ever since.

Initial Concept Planning

Because most food related sites should heavily depend on the strength of their visuals, Cali Girl Cakes showcases their offerings in large bold imagery.

We understand both marketing and psychology which is why The Digital Hook also took the time to highlight their accolades, awards and testimonials prominently on the front page mixed in with large photos of their delicious treats. This answers a prospective new customers initial questions and skepticism regarding trying a new bakery, especially a high-end bakery whose prices may be higher than those found at larger gourmet bakeries within grocery stores. 

It was also important that Cali Girl Cakes be able to update their website often. Sometimes upwards of 5 times a day to showcase their items. The Digital Hook created a process which allowed the client that allowed Cali Girl Cakes to take their already active social media accounts and pull those posting directly unto the website at the same time.