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Project Description

Project Brief

Fluid Motor Union is one of our largest projects to date due to the sheer size of the site. We’re talking hundreds upon hundreds of blog posts as well as product offerings. The client initially had two websites. One for their services and the other for their wildly popular automotive projects blog which has fans and readers from all over the world checking in daily.

Our task was to combine both sites into a cohesive offering that kept the corporate look for their service clients but also maintained the fire and creativity of their performance blog for car enthusiasts.

The Challenge

I’m not saying a lot of tequila was consumed during this project nor am I saying a few tantrums didn’t happen in our office with trying to manage all of the data and information. But a lot of tequila was consumed. And a lot of tantrum went down. The Digital Hook had not managed a site of this size and magnitude before but we’re proud to say that by the end of it all, we had a website that the client was proud of and their raving fans and customers enjoy still.

We can’t wait to show you what 2.0 is going to look like…