Southern Vintage


Project Brief The Digital Hook was approached by the Allgeier family to assist them in taking their Flooring and Granite business to the next level online. Attached to that was the goal of helping them launch their brand of reclaimed wood furniture, mantels, beams and barn siding not only targeted to the louisville, Kentucky [...]

Cali Girl Cakes


Project Brief Cali Girl Cakes is one of our favorite projects and local accounts. Even if they are responsible for us needing to have extra gym time every week. But it's worth it. OH it's so worth it. The Digital Hook was fortunate enough to be called in by the team over at [...]

Midwest Coach Limousine


Project Brief The team at Midwest Coach Limousine contacted us in order to work with a local agency to help them re-brand themselves from a party bus service to a premier chicagoland corporate transportation fleet. While still maintaining and growing their clientele which enjoys using their services for Weddings, trips downtown to [...]

Fluid MotorUnion


Project Brief Fluid Motor Union is one of our largest projects to date due to the sheer size of the site. We're talking hundreds upon hundreds of blog posts as well as product offerings. The client initially had two websites. One for their services and the other for their wildly popular automotive projects [...]

Parties On A Shoestring – WordPress


Project Brief The owner of Parties On a Shoe String found us via our SEO and SEM campaigns. We met and absolutely hit it off. The client wanted to be involved with the process so that she could be sure some of her own dramatic flair and tastes were included but to also [...]

Alternatex Solutions


Project Brief Alternatex Solutions is one of our flagship website designs which features a little something from each and every one of our skill sets and offerings. From Social Media campaigns, targeted ads, email marketing, lead generation, website design and SEO. Their goal? To become a premier provider of solar and whole home [...]