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Include Email Campaigns In Your Inbound Marketing Strategy

“Do email campaigns even still work?”

Contrary to this common misconception, yes, email still works as a marketing tool. In fact, email is now (and has been for a while) the #1 digital inbound marketing channel. And with the sale of mobile devices such as smart phones on the rise, email marketing will continue to be important for a long time to come. Why? Email is and has been one of the top activities on mobile devices for years, and smart businesses that know this have been taking advantage of it. Also, with the recent evolution in the email marketing industry that has transformed the way organizations gain consumer trust and automated customer relationship management, email has become a marketing force to reckon with.

Email is a very powerful tool for marketing directly to your potential and current customer base. With email marketing done right, you can turn visitors into subscribers, nurture subscribers to become leads, and convert leads into customers over time. Email marketing is also a great way to maintain continuous communication with your customers, informing them of deals and new offers.

If you aren’t using direct email marketing, now is the time to start.

Email Marketing has an ROI of 4,300%

The internet tool with the largest volume of use is not social media. It’s email.

Email tops the list of active accounts and users, with nearly three times the amount of users than Facebook and Twitter combined. That’s an enormous 2.9 billion users! – Yahaoo Aabaco Small Businesss

Percentage of Qualified Leads Who Discover New Sites Via Email: 40%
Percentage of Consumers Who Read Their Email Every Day 91%
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Create A Successful Email Campaign with Us

Now, please note that we’re not talking about spam or random mass emails sent out to the masses in hopes of roping them in, here. We’re talking about well-written, well-time communication sent to people who actually want to read them. By creating segmented mailing lists and including content crafted specifically for its intended audience, the email will transform from noise into something valuable for the reader. And in turn, businesses can directly market to a growing list of consumers who are actually interested in buying from them.

The Digital Hook can help you design and implement an email marketing campaign that will drive traffic to your site and generate leads and sales. We will create gorgeous email newsletters with unique, relevant content, manage the delivery to your list, and create the subscriber forms necessary to grow your list.

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Newsletter Design

We create gorgeous, custom email newsletter templates that are functional and reflect the look and feel of your website.

Email Campaign Content Creation

Don’t have time to create the content for each newsletter in your campaign that goes out? We can provide the content for you, including images, text / copy, calls to action and more.

Email List Management and Campaign Delivery

The Digital Hook can also manage your contact lists for you, including segmentation and scheduling delivery of emails to them. If you have an existing tool for managing your email lists, such as Constant Contact or Mail Chimp, we can manage that for you. If you don’t currently have a mailing list set up however, we can help you get that going.

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