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Don’t Forget About Paid Advertisements!

Pay-per click/Google Adwords/ Facebook, Twitter ads – Are you considering online advertising as part of your digital marketing strategy (and you should!) to dominate locally?

Paying for advertising isn’t a new concept by any means, with traditional magazine and newspapers ads having been around for ages, and everyone should be familiar with the obvious success of radio and television advertising. Now we have online ads to add to a business’s marketing repertoire. An online targeted advertising campaign will allow you to pinpoint your potential customers with precision.

Running pay-per-click ads with Google Adwords, Facebook, Twitter or wherever your potential customers are, is the way to get your brand and messaging out there. These these of campaigns are relatively easy to setup and run, but hard to master without the right know-how. Unfortunately, attempting to gain the experience while running live campaigns your business is counting on to generate new leads, using your real funds

Unlike traditional advertising such as TV, Radio and Print, with online display advertising you can pinpoint your message to potential customers with precision. We can help you market globally in a wide array or locally down to the city or zip-code.

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We Can Create And Run Ads That Will Deliver New Leads To You

In addition to assisting you with all aspects of an online inbound marketing strategy, we can help you implement an outbound marketing strategy as well. The Digital Hook specializes in pinpoint accurate online marketing that not only finds your potential customers and leads, but can then re-target them again.

Don’t waste money on ads that weren’t properly optimized for your ideal target. Let our team utilize our training and experience to manage all of your online advertising and marketing for you. We’ll do the work to improve your search engine rankings to increase your lead generation and help bring you a return on investment.

Targeted Advertising Success Stories

Small and medium businesses can really benefit from paid targeting advertising. Targeting people who fit your customer profile within a local radius of your business is a great way to get new customers. One example of success is with the Cupcakin’ Bake Shop in Berkeley. They used Facebook Business to run ads, and the result was 4.5x more sales compared to when they ran print advertising. You can go to Facebook Business Success Stories to learn how more business achieved success with targeted ads. Here’s a couple more that may be inspiring:

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Paid Targeted Advertising

The Digital Hook can provide whatever assistance you need with your outbound marketing campaigns, including:

  • Outbound Marketing Strategy (“Which social media outlets should I focus on?”)
  • Targeting (“How do I ensure I’m targeting the right people?”)
  • Creating your message (“What should I say on Instagram?”)
  • Ad-design and Copy (“Help, I don’t have any graphic art skills!”)
  • Offers (“What kind of offer should I include, if any?”)

If you prefer, we can even completely manage your campaign for you from start to finish.

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