Why having a beautiful website doesn’t mean -BLEEP-

/Why having a beautiful website doesn’t mean -BLEEP-

Why having a beautiful website doesn’t mean -BLEEP-

Do you look at your site and just think: “Wow this is a beautiful thing. It is a site to behold! It is the most beautiful thing that ever was a thing!”

We’re not here to burst your bubble but we think it important to let you in on a mistake that far too many business owners and site designers make today.

A beautiful site doesn’t mean it’s a GOOD site. It doesn’t mean it is a successful site and it sure as heck doesn’t mean all of that pretty is going to translate into leads.


To be really frank here, a gorgeous site just doesn’t mean a darn thing in regards to whether or not your site is a successful one. Let’s look at it this way.

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I just wan’t to touch it…

Let’s say you purchased a Lamborghini Veneno from a lovely lil old lady on Craigslist who has offered to deliver the car to you tomorrow!

YES! You wake up the next day and there it is in your drive way just looking like a piece of Italian art on wheels. Everyone comes by and is in awe of the vehicle and they compliment you on your new toy. Matter of fact, you feel so generous, you even offer to let your neighbor; Bob drive it up the road. But neither of you can find the door handle. Then when you do get in the car there are no pedals. No steering wheel. Matter of fact there isn’t even an engine in it!

Worse yet? You buy the car, but then the lil old lady doesn’t tell you where you can pick up the car. You can’t find it.

That’s exactly what your beautiful website is doing right now if it doesn’t include pertinent facts that your potential new customers want to see and isn’t organized properly for everyone to be able to find it.

A properly designed website shouldn’t be just a brochure. This isn’t 1999.  A good website isn’t about just having information on it. It’s about having the right info in the right way. That is if you want to get the absolute most out of the experience and the product. Your website has got to be your new account manager/sales associate and customer service specialist at a minimum and it needs to be easily found in search results when your potential new clients go to find you.

“But When You Type In Our Name We Come Up Just Fine!”

When someone goes to look specifically for you and your business, you WILL come up in the search results. If you didn’t, then there is probably a much bigger problem going on than what we’re discussing in this article. Your site shouldn’t just be a tool for you to point people to. Why? Because a great website should perform on it’s own without you. That’s right I said it. Your website is supposed to be out there gathering NEW opportunities and leads for your business without you lifting a finger and or mentioning it. Why? Because there is no way on this Earth that you can run your business, answer customer questions, find new opportunities and everything else involved with running a successful operation well.  Trying to do everything and do it well is why you don’t have enough time to enjoy the fruits of all your labor and stress. Your website should alleviate some of the stresses from running your business and allowing you more time to do other things that are just as important.

If you go to your favorite search engine such as Google or Bing right now,  search for the service you provide and the city you are in and then find that you do not come up on that front page of the results, you are not an option in the eyes on 93% of new customers.  That’s not an exaggeration. 93% of people will not click to the 2nd page of search results. Don’t believe us? When was the last time you ventured past the first page for what you were looking for. You more than likely did your search and if you didn’t find what you were looking for on that front page, you did what? I’m betting that you typed in a completely different search.

The vast majority of people do the same thing.

It has never been more important to make sure a website is FULLY optimized both ON your site itself as well as what happens off of your site.

If your site is currently not optimized for search engines, it’s like building an awesome new business out in the middle of nowhere where it can’t be found.

If you are currently using a do-it-yourself solution and you want to get to the next level, it doesn’t matter if you hire The Digital Hook or someone else (hire us..seriously), you will need to have an actual site-design team of specialists.

Specialists with proven results in designing websites that work, sites that rank in search engines, and sites that generate leads all on their own.

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